About Us


At Trifecta IT we take security very seriously and implement the following for each of our clients:

Centralized User Security – we leverage Windows server technologies to have user password expiration, folder and file permissions restrictions, file deletion auditing and much more.

Active Directory – ensures that each user is nested in their proper job role and only allows certain access permissions based on the businesses and users needs, blocking them from information that the business may not want them to have access to.

Firewalls – we only use Enterprise grade firewalls for all our businesses and keep the firmware up to date to ensure reliable and safe internet traffic to the outside world.

Wireless – we use Enterprise Wi-Fi access points to ensure that guests cannot access your corporate data and those wireless and mobile devices that need corporate data have access to it with a secured internal network.

Employees – we know that your security is of top priority and that is why ALL our employees are drug tested and have extensive background checks done to ensure your data is safe and secure even in our technicians hands.

Systems Management

We proactively managed our systems in every aspect from the hardware to the network. We monitor it 24/7.

PC/Servers – we monitor all server and workstation hardware on a 24/7 basis and contact our businesses should they need to consider replacement before a problem.

Networks – our monitoring tools monitor network traffic for irregularities and reports to us if there is anything suspicious. We take network security seriously and we have the tools to protect your network.

Printers – we help manage and troubleshoot your printers and can make recommendations should you need to purchase one or need a larger machine to lease.

Phone Systems – not only do we assist in managing your phone systems but we also are a re-seller of the Allworx business phone systems, we will help you manage your phone system with your vendor as an added bonus.

Disaster Recovery

We believe a good Disaster Recovery plan is paramount to business continuity.

Onsite and Offsite Backup – we have a product called Datto that allows us to take 1 hour snapshots of your server environment and roll back that data should a break or data loss occur with minimal downtime.

HIPAA/SOX Compliance – our backup solutions are compliant with even the strictest of regulations and are encrypted and secure onsite and offsite.

Versioning – have a file that you wish you had an hour ago before you made changes? not a problem as our backup solutions provide these safety nets for your business.